Value Extraction

Our staff will ensure you get the maximum return for all your expendable I.T. assets. We will provide accurate pricing information through assessment of the secondary market value of your assets.

All assets that are collected are recorded by part and serial number on our certified asset report. This information is securely filed, and an itemised statement will be sent to you.

Once secure data deletion has been performed, assets which have been deemed refurbishable or saleable will be added to the sales ledger.

Our technicians deliver pre owned equipment to resellers and technical service providers around Australia. Upon finalized sale of assets, any realised value after handling & refurbishment will be assessed and rebated to you as the customer at an agreed timeframe.

Any assets deemed non-saleable or not purchased at sale are shipped back to our Government approved recycling facility where we will perform the destruction; we'll send you an email with a certificate of destruction.

Asset Report Sample

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