We take what your company consider 'waste' or 'useless' and turn them into in demand products and resources.

Our state of the art recycling facilities carefully extract reusable goods in an environmentally friendly manner, emphasising reducing our and your businesses carbon footprint.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones which are not identified as suitable for refurbishment are sent to our Recycling Centre Section (RCS) for dismantling and sorting for component recycling or metal extraction.

Monitors & Displays

There are significant amounts of lead and glass in a Cathode Ray Tube Unit (CRT Unit) that can be recovered. Once these units have been unloaded at our recycling plant and have been scanned into our system, we put the unit through a cutter system that separates the glass panel with any resultant glass and fluorescent powder cleared and collected.

After the cutting process is completed, it then undergoes heating through a metal band and an air bow, after which they are sent to the vacuum chambers. The processing time for a single CRT Unit is estimated to be 90 seconds; all circuit boards, chips and other salvaged parts are recycled separately.

The recycling process of a Flat Panel Display Unit starts with segregation and dismantling of the unit. All components from the dismantling are sent for recycling to their own recycling compartments, after which the display unit is then put through the mechanical shredder for processing. They are then put through a Magnetic Separator, where any ferrous metals are discarded. We then separate and collect any non ferrous metals by using the Eddy Current Separator and they are then processed through individually. Ferrous materials are processed as iron, and non ferrous materials are melted and are then put through electro refining where they are refined to 99.9% purity.


The battery recycling process begin by breaking the batteries; this is done to recover the lead. The head of the battery is removed, and we then drain the acid for neutralisation it’s then transported to a hammer

mill where all the plastic is shredded and lead post released.

The remnants, its contents and battery plates are put through the trammel; a device that extracts the plates. The plastic that remains is separated and extracted through clarifiers and is then stockpiled as furnace feed.

Once we’ve completed the furnace smelting and it’s been cleaned of molten oxides and sulphides, the metal is then treated for alloy specification to discard metals like copper, antimony, tin etc. They are then casted into lead ingots and can then be reused.

Trust us for the best lithium battery disposal Perth, Adelaide and Darwin as this job is only done by our experts with years of hands on experience.

Printed Circuit Boards

Electronic Printed Circuit Boards contain many materials that are complex in nature, and they need a large amount of energy and other materials to make. Vast quantities of metals like copper, nickel and lead can also be found in them. Though they may be toxic, they are all very valuable resources.

Firstly, the components are all dismantled, pulverised and then shredded. The blank board and its components is the output from the initial processing stage; these blank boards mainly consist of smelted and electro-refined copper to create 99.9% pure copper bars. All separated components are then organised and classed as either heavy or light chips. All components are smelted so as to obtain pure metals, and all plastic components are separated by density-based separation.

General I.T

General I.T goods are things like desktops, laptops, servers, printers, scanners, copiers etc. Once these goods have been delivered to our recycling plant, they go through a checking process from which we determine whether those goods need to be recycled or refurbished.

Once this has been determined we send them to their allocated locations; recycled goods to the Recycling Centre Section, the refurbished goods to the Refurbishing Operations Section. All remaining components from the R.C.S are put through for processing in the mechanical shredder and then sent to the magnetic separator.

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