Decommissioning Process

What to do before the decommissioning process

  • Keep a list of all decommissioned assets.
  • Back up all of your data on the cloud and off-site when possible.
  • Disable users from network access. 
  • Opt for onsite physical decommissioning of electronic waste
  • Assess the valuation of the decommissioned assets. 

STEP 1 -Uninstall and Remove Equipment 

Our professional technicians will safely and promptly uninstall your equipment and remove it from the premises with a minimum disruption.

If new system installation and/or data cloning & imaging is part of the project scope, this can be performed on premises, or securely stored on a lab data servers and uploaded at a later date.

If this is outside scope, we recommend you back up all data on the cloud and on physical drives ideally stored offsite. You may also wish to perform your own assessment of the valuation of your decommissioned assets, or have this done by an independent third party.

STEP 2 –Secure Erasure

Your privacy is of paramount concern for us here at Cyber Computer Recycling and Disposal. We are your end to end security, disposal, destruction and e-waste recycling solution. Once we receive your assets, we remove any identifying tags and labels from your I.T. assets. For all magnetic and storage media, the data destruction process resets your devices to factory specifications. For more detail around the Data Deletion process, and accompanied certificate, click here

STEP 3 –Evaluation and Recycling

Our staff will ensure you get the maximum return for all your expendable I.T. assets. We will provide accurate pricing information for discontinued or hard-to-find replacement parts by keeping an eye on the secondary market value of your stock and spares. 

All assets that are collected are recorded by part or serial number. This information is securely filed, and an itemised statement will be sent to your department. 

Our technicians deliver pre owned equipment to a reseller or technical service provider across Australia. 

Any assets deemed non-saleable are shipped to our Government approved recycling facility where we will perform the destruction; we'll send you an email with a certificate of destruction. 

Once this has been determined we send them to their allocated locations; recycled goods to the Recycling Centre Section, the refurbished goods to the Refurbishing Operations Section. All remaining components from the R.C.S are put through for processing in the mechanical shredder and then sent to the magnetic separator.

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