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About Us

Operating since 2014, we are a fully accredited and certified recycler, refurbisher and destroyer of E-Waste with facilities in Perth, Adelaide and Darwin.

Our Perth facility is the market leading end processor for destruction, reuse and recycling purposes, in fact, most of the other WA companies you may be considering in this space likely use us as the end service provider.

We offer the safest, most convenient I.T disposal services at our labs and in our mobile vans. We use the latest cutting-edge tools and software to guarantee 100% data sanitisation. Our process protects companies from legal risks that are generally associated with E-Waste disposal, E-Waste recycling, old electronics disposal and E-Waste collection.

We are a vertically integrated business providing full-service project management within both the Information Technology Hardware and Commercial Solar space.

Cyber Recycling are pioneers of E-waste Recycling in Western Australia, Darwin and Adelaide, we recycle E-Waste including monitors, phones, computers, PC's, laptops, hard drives, printers, fluoro lights, solar panels, batteries, and cables.

Cyber Computer Recycling is currently operating in three states of Australia. We have been providing services related to electronic waste recycling, decommissioning of I.T assets, On-site deployment of I.T assets and secure data deletion.

We have been providing these services to Federal government agencies like Department of Defense, Department of statistics, Australian leading banks, Wesfarmers, Austal Shipping, HBF, APM, Dexus, Verser handling their IT devices with sensitive data in our secure facility.

Adding on we are the only recycling company in Australia which provides solar panel recycling in WA.

We uses tate of the art Blancco/Wipedrive9 software. We guarantee a safe Data Deletion service (DOD3 & 7Pass Data Erasure services) along with a certificate. Our experts generate a data erasure audit report compliant with international standards. Apart from that, we also provide on-site data destruction services and a full audit report with serial number and memory size is issued for record keeping purposes.

We have ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and AS5377 certification, which proves that the company has maintained the position of being Australia’s highest accredited service provider in this area.

Electronics that are destined for repurposing and restoration through material recovery are receiving a lot of attention these days. Simple e-waste processing in developing countries has the potential to pollute the environment and harm human health. Corrosive compounds such as Cadmium, dangerous Toxins, and other corrosive substances can be found in electronic waste.

Since 2010, global e-waste production has increased; in 2019, 53.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste were produced. In the last five years, the amount has risen by 44.4 million metric tonnes. Only 17.4 percent, on the other hand, were properly documented and recycled. Electronics were hazardous to people's health and the environment because toxic compounds were emitted when metals were absorbed.

Last but not least, we also offer Test and Tag services, with full details available HERE.

Please let us know if you have any old monitors, phones, computers, PC's, laptops, hard drives, printers, fluoro lights, solar panels, batteries, and cables to recycle, we have 4 collection teams available to pickup your company's waste.

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    Free pickup for Perth, See Price Chart for pickup from NT

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