Different and innovative ways to reuse and not waste goods

Solar Panel Recycling

With our mission here at, Cyber Computer Recycling & Disposal PTY. LTD., being to find different and innovative ways to reuse and not waste goods, we’ve decided to apply the same mindset to the recycling of photovoltaic systems.

Though solar panels do have a guaranteed warranty between 20-25 years, due to mishandling, improper installation or even poor manufacturing reasons, they do become damaged. And instead of removing the whole system in itself, we believe it’s better to replace the damaged cells and send them over to our recycling plant. We look at ways to maximise the value of each cell so that they may be reused as self-powered products; this reduces the energy needed to efficiently recycle solar cells. We provides Solar panel disposal in Darwin, solar panel recycling in Adelaide, Solar panel disposal in Perth with different and innovative ways to reuse and not waste goods.

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The longevity of the solar panels or the PVs is not more than 20 years. After replacing the new Photovoltaic sheets, the old solar panels are dumped into landfills from where the threat to the environment begins.

A typical crystalline silicon PV is made of 75% glass, 8% aluminium, 10% polymer, 1% copper, 5% silicon, and small portions of silver, lead, tin, other metals. If the solar panel disposal is not done properly and dumped onto the landfills, the toxins from lead and tin create severe damage to the environment.

Thus, being a responsible citizen, if you are concerned about the preservation of our environment from the harsh chemical reactions and toxin exposure of the solar panels then opt for solar panel recycling by Cyber Recycling.

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