Mobile Phone Recycling

First things first, we unload the mobile units at our recycling plants, after which they undergo a scanning process and updated in the system. Upon completion, they are then separated for recycling and refurbishing; refurbishing unit are delivered to the Refurbishing Operations Section (R.O.S) for further testing and analysis, and recycling units are sent off to the Recycling Centre Section (R.C.S) for the dismantling process.

All dismantled components from the R.C.S are then assorted into their individual recycling compartment – after which these components can be reutilised in a multitude of industries such as tech, metal crafts, automotive, plating etc.

Recycle Old Mobile Phones with Us & Save the Planet

Disposing of the old mobile phones by experts is essential to protect the planet from the harmful toxins that emerge from the smartphones after being dumped. Instead of storing the old mobile phones in your home or office, submit them either to the carrier manufacturer and get a new phone or you can connect with us for the best mobile phone recycling by experts.

Recycling the old electronics should be mandatory for saving your family as well as saving the environment that is already suffering from the malicious toxins oozing from the landfills. Trust us for disposing of old mobile phones by experienced electronic recycling experts in our indoor lab.

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Why we are the best mobile phone recyclers in Australia?