Provides simple and effective methods to organisations to track of their electronic assets

E-Waste Recycling

Cyber Computer Recycling & Disposal PTY. LTD. is an innovative corporation with advanced technological prowess that gives a certain edge to the recycling processes that we conduct at our labs. What we aim to do, is to take what one would consider a ‘waste’ or ‘useless’ into sustainable and advanced resources for the future. Our state-of-the-art recycling plant facilities utilise disruptive technology to extract reusable goods in an environmentally friendly manner that really does emphasis on a low carbon footprint.

Cyber Computer Recycling & Disposal PTY. LTD. provides simple and effective methods to organisations to manage and a keep a track of their electronic assets and E-waste. In doing so, we also provide protection from legal and environmental risks that are generally associated with e-waste disposal, e waste recycling, old electronics disposal, e waste collection, e waste disposal, electronic waste recycling.

Why Cyber Recycling is your one-stop E-Waste Demolition Experts?

We are now breathing in a time where data is the ultimate goldmine. The threat of data theft lies everywhere; from personal spheres to the greater world. Today, giant corporations are eavesdropping to mine out relevant data from people to point out their target audiences. Hence, Electronic Waste Disposal is not only essential but mandatory to protect your sensitive data and for the sake of protecting our environment from the harsh effects of e-waste.

How does Cyber Recycling work?

  • Highly-experienced E-Waste Recycling Perth professionals dismantle old computers and other electronics at our technologically sophisticated lab as well as ensure mobile e-waste disposal services.
  • On completion of the Old Electronics Disposal, we provide a certification where the list of dismantled items along with the date and time are mentioned. If you ever come across any legal issues related to data securities of your old computers, this certification will be your greatest shield.
  • Cyber Recycling is the one acclaimed e-waste champions in Australia ensuring 100% Free E Waste Collection.

To reach us, call +61 404 606 860 | 1300206955 - 24/7 and allow our experts to collect the electronic debris and securely dismantle it with genuine proof by guaranteeing 100% data security.