Battery Recycling

The battery recycling process begin by breaking the batteries; this is done just to recover the lead. The head of the battery is removed, and we then drain the acid for neutralisation – it’s then transported to a hammer mill where all the plastic is shredded and lead post released. The remnants, its contents and battery plates are put through the trammel; a device that extracts the plates. The plastic that remains is separated and extracted through clarifiers and is then stock piled as furnace feed.

Once we’ve completed the furnace smelting and it’s been cleaned of molten oxides and sulphides, the metal is then treated for alloy specification to discard metals like copper, antimony, tin etc. They are then casted into lead ingots and can then be reused.

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The gradual rise of e-waste dumping on the landfills is a ticking bomb. When we are already on the verge of self-destruction by dumping the old phones on the landfills without understanding the havoc consequences, Cyber Recycling has come up with the vow to protect the world from the malice of the harmful toxins with lithium battery recycling Darwin, Perth and in Adelaide.

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